Afin d’engager en interne tous ses collaborateurs français autour d’un objectif de vente annuel sur la marque Captain Morgan, le groupe Moët Hennessy Diageo a confié à Pumpkins Agency la production d’une web série interactive.

How to generate engagement from over 300 personnel for a commercial sales objective? How to drive forward the brand’s image beliefs and ambitions while keeping a light tone and bringing the maximum number of people into the fold ?

Our teams stepped up to the plate with the creation of the 1 Crew 1 Million internal engagement program. Each successive episode honoured a different subsection of the group and had a comedian playing Captain Henry Morgan interact with the group’s employees in order to complete ever more delirious challenges.

At the end of each episode a vote was held to determine the nature of the next episode from a choice of two options. As such the employees felt in control and could visibly see the effects of their decisions on the shape of the campaign.

A record interest rate for a project of this nature coupled with a communication campaign that focused on internal word of mouth creating real expectation for the diffusion of each episode and made each release feel like an event in its own right.

After reaching our initial objective with 3 full months to spare in which time we proceeded to output 200% of our initial goal.

Web series co-produced with Video Skillz

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