Qui n'a jamais tenté de retrouver ses amis perdus en festival ? Pour faciliter la tâche des festivaliers et leur faire profiter au maximum de leur festival préférés et de leurs amis, Pumpkins Agency a imaginé le dispositif événementiel et digital Checkpoint Greenroom.

Activated on 3 festival partners of Greenroom media, the Greenroom checkpoint is a guarantee that you’ve lost your friends for the last time and you never stop meeting new ones.

Thanks to #RDVALAGREENROOM, festival-goers now have a hashtag and a rallying point allowing them to communicate and meet before they once more head for the stages and concerts of the festival. As all messages were displayed on a giant screen near the greenroom stage it became an unmissable sharing location.

Results: Over 200 festival-goers tried out checkpoint, many of them influencers and over a million contacts were exposed to the operation..

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