Pour rebondir sur le contexte de fin de la saison 2015-2016 de la Ligue 1 et communiquer sur le lancement de notre offre sport destinée à accompagner les clubs sportifs dans leur communication et actions digitales, nous avons réalisé une infographie sur l'état d’utilisation des réseaux sociaux par les clubs de Ligue 1 en 2016.

While this year left little space for suspense with a Champion crowned 8 weeks early through the utter domination of the PSG, who was the champion on the social media field?

What was the social ranking of the clubs? What are the good practices? Which clubs were most invested? What are the great trends? Without omitting fun facts and other surprising demographics.

All this info comes enriched by comments from the professionals that helped us reconstruct the tournament.

Among them are, Arnaud Viodé-Vignon, responsible for the bordelaise club Girondins FC’s print/multimedia relations got involved and tells us that the club’s first multimedia interaction was actually in 1993 with the Minitel and that they were one of the first clubs to begin using Facebook in 2010.

As for the AS Monaco, Jean Phillipe Dubois, the AS’ social media manager tells us he launched the club’s page in 2011 but has since chosen to enter all social media in order to reach as many of their fans as possible.

All the clubs agree on an objective for the coming season. The development of live video, gamification and the implication of their community.

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